Starbucks (first era)Edit


Starbucks 15th century

Starbucks: Coffee, Tea, SpicesEdit


1st Starbucks
Starbucks 1971 Logo Logos Logo

Starbucks CoffeeEdit




Starbucks Coffee Logo

This logo was almost excatly the same as the 1987 logo, except for the siren, which was zoomed in. This logo was replaced with the "ringless" logo, celebrating Starbucks' 40th anniversary, however almost all of the Starbucks locations still continue to use this logo. The green was also made darker. As of 2011, this is now being used as a secondary logo.

Starbucks (second era)Edit


Starbucks Corporation Logo 2011
Starbucks coffee cup 2011

A publicity photo shows the new logo on a coffee cup.

On January 5, 2011, Starbucks presented a new logo which omitted the ring with the words "Starbucks Coffee". The siren in a circle is now the entire logo and is colored green.