The editors listed below are the current members of the Arbitration Committee (known also as arbitrators). For the purpose of calculating the majority for committee votes, members are designated below as active or inactive. Members may be inactive if they have not participated in arbitration within the past week, or have indicated they will be absent from LogoLine.

Members who are moving from inactive to active status may choose to remain inactive on some parts of the committee's business (as necessitated by their availability or familiarity with the case). If you wish to know whether an Arbitrator is active on a particular matter, you should ask them on their talk page. The lists below are used to determine whether a member is by default "active" or "inactive"; arbitrators who explicitly state they will be inactive or active (or in any case, who participate in a vote) will be counted as active even if they are listed as inactive below.

The following list is accurate as of 29 March 2014:

Active arbitrators
  1. TheLogoMaster (talk · contribs · editcount · logs · block log · rights log)