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All appeals by blocked or banned editors should be sent to
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Please see the Communications and privacy statement below.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the LogoLine arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

In addition to its role in dispute resolution, the Committee determines which editors have access to CheckUser and Oversight permissions, and considers certain matters where exceptional factors such as privacy preclude a public hearing.

Arbitrators are volunteer users—usually experienced editors and administrators—whom the community of editors at large elects to resolve the most complex or intractable disputes that may arise within the community, and to oversee the few areas where access to non-public information is a prerequisite.


The editors listed below are the current members of the Arbitration Committee (known also as arbitrators). For the purpose of calculating the majority for committee votes, members are designated below as active or inactive. Members may be inactive if they have not participated in arbitration within the past week, or have indicated they will be absent from LogoLine.

Members who are moving from inactive to active status may choose to remain inactive on some parts of the committee's business (as necessitated by their availability or familiarity with the case). If you wish to know whether an Arbitrator is active on a particular matter, you should ask them on their talk page. The lists below are used to determine whether a member is by default "active" or "inactive"; arbitrators who explicitly state they will be inactive or active (or in any case, who participate in a vote) will be counted as active even if they are listed as inactive below.

The following list is accurate as of 13 November 2013:

Active arbitrators
  1. TheLogoMaster (talk · contribs · editcount · logs · block log · rights log)

The Arbitration Committee does not have a chair, but may designate one arbitrator to coordinate timely performance of tasks. The current coordinating arbitrator is Tariqmudallal, with Lamonttroop as his deputy.


Ban Appeals Subcommittee Edit

The Ban Appeals Subcommittee (BASC) considers appeals from banned or blocked users, generally when all other avenues of appeal have been exhausted. It consists this year of four arbitrators (currently Tariqmudallal, TheLogoMaster, and Lamonttroop.

Please see the ban appeals procedures before contacting the subcommittee.

An e-mail appeal must specify the banned editor's Wikia username and any other usernames he or she has used to edit LogoLine in the past two years. The appeal should clearly but succinctly explain the reasons the editor feels the ban should be overturned, such as what lessons the editor has learned since the ban or block was imposed, how the editor would conduct himself or herself differently in the future if allowed to resume editing, or why he or she believes the ban was unfair. The editor should also include links to any relevant on-wiki discussions and any other information necessary to understanding the grounds for the appeal.


The Committee's clerk team assists the Committee with procedural tasks, such as opening and closing cases, maintaining arbitration pages, and issuing notifications of decisions. Parties with questions about the arbitration process are encouraged to consult a clerk for assistance.

Contacting the CommitteeEdit

For other matters, the arbcom-l mailing list is the primary venue for internal Arbitration Committee discussion on all matters under the Committee's remit. It can also be used by any user as a means of contacting the Committee privately (but see Email and privacy below). All current arbitrators are subscribed to this list, as is project founder Tariqmudallal.

Mailing listsEdit

In addition to the arbcom-l list, the Committee operates several other official mailing lists:

Mailing list Description
functionaries-en The functionaries-en mailing list is used for general discussion among current Arbitration Committee members, former members in good standing, advanced permission (CheckUser and/or Oversight) operators, and other editors with official Wikimedia Foundation status. Please see the functionary page for more details and a list of subscribers.
arbcom-audit-en The arbcom-audit-en mailing list is used for internal discussion by the Audit Subcommittee. Please see the subcommittee page for more details and a list of subscribers.
arbcom-appeals-en The arbcom-appeals-en mailing list is used for internal discussion by the Ban Appeals Subcommittee. Please see the subcommittee page for more information about the subcommittee.
clerks-l The clerks-l mailing list is used for coordination by the Committee's clerk team. Please see the clerk page for more details and a list of subscribers.
arbcom-en-b and arbcom-en-c The arbcom-en-b and arbcom-en-c mailing lists are secondary mailing lists used instead of arbcom-l "solely for discussions involving (i) the conduct of an arbcom-l subscriber or (ii) cases, broadly defined, to which an arbcom-l subscriber is a party" per Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard/Archive 5#Motion to establish secondary ArbCom mailing list. It is also used for CheckUser and Oversight applications, and may be used when one or more arbitrators recuse on a case. All arbitrators potentially have access to the archives of this mailing list upon conclusion of the incident that the list was used for.

Communications and privacyEdit

Arbitrators usually seek to treat your communications, including emails, as private when possible. That said, however, we cannot guarantee against public disclosure for a number of reasons, including potential security limitations. Accordingly, you should not disclose sensitive personal information in your communications with us.

Once received, your communications may be shared with committee members and -- in some limited cases -- with third parties to assist in resolving issues or other purposes. Your communications may be kept for an undetermined period of time for archival or other reasons.

You should also know that even your return email address may lead to revealing your real-life identity. Many people create anonymized email accounts – for example <your username>, <username> and so on – specially for Wikipedia use. Further information about safeguarding your privacy can be found at LogoLine:On privacy, confidentiality and discretion and LogoLine:How to not get outed on Wikia.