March 1, 1981-July 14, 1986Edit

Konami Logo 1981

July 15, 1986-December 12, 2003Edit

Konami Logo 1986

Konami officially launched a new logo on July 15, 1986, nicknamed the "Dynamic Ribbons". It has since then became well-known to everyone. It was used in tandem with the current one until December 12, 2003.

November 21, 1998-December 12, 2003Edit

Konami Logo 1998

Starting with the release of Dance Dance Revolution on November 21, 1998, the logo was slightly updated with the text being slightly altered and straightened as well as the text color being changed from gray to black. The logo was also placed in a box. It was sometimes seen without the box.

February 15, 2003-presentEdit

Konami 2003 Wordmark

Introduced on February 15, 2003 in celebration to its 30th Anniversary.

To see others, see Konami/Other

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